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Dear Mike,


LPG training for Sol Engineers


The LPG training done on March 14th – 16th, 2017 was intellectually stimulating, systematic and intriguing. I cannot overemphasise how much insight and knowledge you imparted through a virtual training medium, which was convenient, cost effective and reflected the wealth of experience you have in the LPG industry. Thank you.



Halroy Bernard

Group LPG Manager


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"Michael has taught me a wealth of knowledge in the propane industry. He has certified me in pressure vessel testing of MC330/331 cargo tanks. I also have taken Michael's course in propane safety and handling, which made me feel comfortable about working with this fuel. Thanks Mike for all the help!" - Brian H.

"Thanks for a great class today all of my guys were impressed with your
level of expertise.

I am very appreciative of your willingness to help me out with contacts and
locations to save a few bucks on some things that we need!

Thanks" - CHAZ At Augenstein Fuel

Online training makes propane education more attainable

July 28, 2016 By Megan Smalley    


Online classes sometimes get the bad reputation of being somewhat monotonous, but when Mike DiGiorgio developed Propane University Online LPG Training Services almost two years ago, he hoped to create an online classroom that wouldn’t lull students to sleep.


He says it’s become his goal to bring excitement to online training in the propane industry.

“I saw a need to make training more accessible and affordable to small- and mid-sized gas companies,” he says. “Typically smaller companies want to train, but sometimes they can’t travel long distances for training. I saw that struggle and decided we needed to make an online training course that’s easy, affordable and fun.”


Propane University Online Training Services offers a variety of online classes year-round to educate propane retailers and to prepare them for formal Certified Employee Training Program (CETP) certification with the National Propane Gas Association (NPGA). Classes cover topics such as Department of Transportation (DOT) training, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) training and CETP training. All classes range in length from about two to 12 hours.


Since DiGiorgio’s classroom model is only available online, he uses a soundboard filled with noises one might hear in the background of a 1990s sitcom to keep students awake. For example, if a student makes an intriguing comment, DiGiorgio will hit an applause button. It’s a little unusual, but he adds that it keeps his students intrigued.


Unlike most online classes, which tend to be faceless, DiGiorgio requires his attendees to have a webcam and audio tools on their computers so that he can see his students and his students can see one another.


“I call it a virtual training room,” he says. “The online course almost looks like you’re in a classroom, as you can see and hear each other.”


DiGiorgio shares materials developed by NPGA and the Propane Education & Research Council (PERC) in his sessions. DiGiorgio met with Stuart Flatow, PERC’s vice president of safety and training, this spring to discuss his educational format. While Flatow thinks retailers should also attend in-person training, he says DiGiorgio’s class is beneficial to the industry.


“Using information technology for training is great,” Flatow says. “We applaud [DiGiorgio] for it because at the end of the day, he’s getting people in our industry trained using PERC materials.”

Flatow and DiGiorgio believe online training serves as a great alternative for retailers. They say retailers sometimes can’t commit to multiple-day in-person training sessions. Online training, Flatow adds, can help to reduce the time the retailer is traveling for an in-person session. He says PERC has also been introducing more e-learning options, such as its CETP blended learning concept.

Although Propane University Online Training Services is a newer service, it has trained about 120 people using NPGA and PERC materials. DiGiorgio says his courses are offered throughout the year, in case a retailer misses state association training sessions in the summer.


“Our goal is to allow and help more of the industry get training at an affordable rate,” DiGiorgio adds. “Our goal is also to be an asset to state association training in any way, shape or form.”


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About the Author: Megan Smalley

Megan Smalley is the associate editor of LP Gas magazine.

Contact her at msmalley@northcoastmedia.net or 216-363-7930.





I would just like to thank you for the training. I always learn a lot just
hearing you speak. You are a great instructor and your love for propane and
safety is clearly apparent in your presentations.


Thank you again,

Sean Symanski 

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Q1 How was scheduling a class?                                           Very easy


Q2 After initial setup, how was it logging onto the online virtual training website?                                                                                       Very easy

Q3 Knowledge of instructor?                               Exceeded expectations


Q4 How was the communication with the instructor during training?       Very easy


Q5 Did the instructor present the class in a professional manner?                Extremely professional



Q6 Did the course meet your expectations?                     Exceeded expectations



Q7 Would you take another virtual training course?               Very likely



Q8 What did you like about virtual training?


having the one on one training, and the instructor being able to speed up or slow down based on my needs as the student.



Q9 What did you not like about virtual training?


there was not a single thing that i did not like about it.



Q10 We would appreciate any feedback regarding the virtual training class or how we can make the experience any better.


Silverback consulting Mike DiGiorgio, is awesome at what he does. He considers what his students know about the propane industry, and can speed up or slow down based on their knowledge. As for me taking another class, i took one class about a month ago, and i have two guys in Mike's training session as i type this and i will be in the training room with them tomorrow and Friday. Highly recomend this way of Performing the CTEP training classes, as they are cheaper and much closer to home than what we were having to do prior to this. Also like having the ability to schedule the classes on my own time, rather than having to wait a couple months and send someone to the other side of the state for a week.



Q11 Contact Information - Not Required


Name                                                                                                         Noah A Stewart

Company                                                                                         Advanced Propane Inc.


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