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Please note that each of the estimated costs are based on the discounted consulting fee applied to the specific assignment or project

Determining What Services You Need

  1. Initial Safety & Compliance Consultation -I meet with key employees to discuss safety and compliance related issues to determine what applies to your operation. I will also determine the appropriate course of action and provide a quotation for my services.  During the interview and review process I educate your employees on regulations and safety guidelines that apply to your operations.  I determine the areas of safety and compliance where your company may require additional guidance. The meeting to determine what consulting services you require generally takes two to eight hours depending on the size of the business and number of employees interviewed. The initial consultation will be billed by the hour unless we agree that a full day is required. You may be eligible for the daily discounted rate.
  2. Safety and Compliance Inspection – I will inspect your company as if you were receiving an actual DOT investigation and insurance safety review. Typically these reviews take four to sixteen hours depending on the size of your business. Larger operations can take up to six days. During this process I examine the company records utilizing my expertise that I developed passing numerous DOT investigations. Areas covered are accident files, accident register, insurance, accident history, drug and alcohol testing, driver qualification files, truck files and most important WORK ORDERS. I inspect hours of service to include but not limited to time records, logbooks, supporting time related documents for independent verification of hours. I inspect maintenance files, as it relates to transportation and hazardous materials. Estimate will be based on the size of your company.
  3. DOT Rating Upgrade –Have you lost your Satisfactory Safety Rating?  A less than Satisfactory Safety Rating will raise your insurance rates. A bad rating can cause you to lose customers and quality new hires. More importantly, a bad rating will result in more frequent roadside inspections.  I can help you get your Satisfactory Rating back. An estimate will be prepared based on the violations that caused you to lose your satisfactory rating.
  • Compliance Letters –After you have gone through your investigation by the DOT you will be required to submit a letter of corrective actions.  If you have obtained an Unsatisfactory Safety Rating the FMCSA cannot allow you to continue operations after the 45 or 60 day period without a legally sufficient letter submitted to the agency.  This means you will be placed Out of Service until your obligations have been met. An estimate will be prepared based on the number of violations that caused the unsatisfactory rating.

4. Fine Arbitration -Do not pay the fine, or agree to pay the fine, until you have talked to our firm.  If the FMCSA investigator has made a mistake on the report I can get that portion of the fine dismissed.  I can also negotiate the amount of the fines and determine if fine arbitration is right for your company. An estimate will be prepared based on the number of violations that caused the unsatisfactory rating and fine.


5. Driver Qualification File Services -We must make sure you are in compliance.


6. Employee Training – I can provide expert motivational training in all areas of safety and compliance.



7. Hazardous Materials –Fines related to the transportation of hazardous material are generally high. These violations typically bring large fines and sometimes additional legal issues. I have appeared in court numerous times on behalf of drivers and companies to coach them through the court proceeding. I am also called as a witness to speak on behalf of the company and the employee.


8. Hazard Communication- (HAZCOM)- Employee “Right-to-Know”) Employers are obligated to train all HM employees.  The hazard communication standard applies to any and all employees working in a hazardous material environment. The training requirement includes anyone who has anything to do with the transportation and storage of a hazmat. All training is documented and maintained in my file with a copy for your file.


9. Hazardous Materials Safety Plans and Security Plans –Many hazmat facilities are required to develop a site security plan. Companies are required to train those responsible for implementation of the plan, as well as provide general security awareness training for all facility hazmat employees. The expected time to prepare the plan is three days this service is estimated to cost $2200.00. Please understand that my plans are not a cookie cutter they are customized for your business in compliance with DOT regulations.


10. Company Policy Development –I have developed policies that can be tailored to your specific needs. I can also assist your company developing a safety and compliance manual along with the plant operations and maintenance manual. The fee will be based on the actual scope of the work. To review and update existing manuals usually takes about three days this fee is $2200.00. To write the entire manual will cost about $2800.00. My policies are compliant with the CSA Management Cycle and the safety management process required by FMCSA.


11. Fire Safety Analysis – Develop a Fire Safety Analysis consistent with the requirements and guidance established in PERC’s FSA Manual for guidance for FSA as outlined in NFPA 58. The program will include having the FSA provided in electronic format for ease of reproduction, use and future modification. LET US PROVIDE A QUOTE




Subscription Model If you have work for a set number of hours each month you can buy  time on a monthly basis (20/40 /80 /160 hours/month) OR CUSTOMIZED FOR YOU BUSINESS.


Retainer Model If your need for a consultant is sporadic and unpredictable, but you prefer having me on a retainer fee and use our services for any task whenever you wish.


Fixed Bid Project If your assignment can be well-defined and the scope clearly understood with a definite finishing date, then the fixed bid project model is the appropriate one to select.


Hourly Projects If you don’t have regular work and want to use our services; then we offer you the flexibility of buying a block of hours as per your requirement by paying in advance before the beginning of the project. A utilization report and time sheet will be provided with the time utilized for your assignment.


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